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Guest Post: Using Folium to Visualize Distribution of Public Services in 140 Toronto Neighbourhoods

Lisa Chen reached out to the open data team with the visualizations she created from two open datasets: Toronto Neighbourhood Boundaries and Youth Wellness Resources.

New open data products support data access and literacy

Improving data literacy and access “The new open data products bring value to the Public Service and residents alike, enabling […]

Towards a Data Quality Score in open data (Part 2)

In my first story on Open Data Toronto’s Data Quality Score (DQS), I shared why data quality matters to us and what the DQS is at a high-level; in this story, I walk through the steps of exactly how we created it so it is more detailed and a little more technical. Read on if that’s your jam.

Open Data: A product approach

Open data at the City of Toronto has been up and running for a decade this year, with an amazing and active community. However, this is not the case everywhere, and outside of our exceptional community, open data is still unknown by many. Why?

Top Open Data Moments in 2019

2019 was a riveting year for open data in Toronto. From hosting community events to fulfilling what was promised in the Open Data Master Plan, join us on a journey through the last twelve months.

What the @#%! is a Shapefile?

A beginner’s guide to common and not-so-common open data file formats!

Explaining Open Data in Toronto

What is open data? How does the City of Toronto use it to improve decision-making? Learn about what open data is and how anyone, anywhere can use it to improve life in Toronto in this short animated video.

Powering open data with civic issues

In a city run by data (petabytes of it!), how do dataset requests get prioritized? Reham Youssef from the open data team discusses exciting changes coming soon to the way open data releases are prioritized, inspired by important civic issues.

Strategies for working with new data

We’re excited to present our first community story by Sharla Gelfand, which looks at how to start working with open data in R.

Ask a Data Scientist: Ryan Garnett

We sat down with open data team manager Ryan Garnett to ask him a few questions about what traits make a good data scientist, what his favourite resources are, and words of wisdom for newbies.

Measuring Walking Times Across Toronto to Nearest TTC Stop

In this tutorial, we analyze walk times from every address point within the City of Toronto limits to the closest Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Stops. TTC stops can include subway, LRT, street car and bus. The analysis uses Pandana to perform the network distance calculations on a new open data set called the “Pedestrian Network” that our team created in conjunction with Transportation Services to better understand walkable access to various amenities across Toronto.

Ready for Primetime!

On July 25th 2019, we’ll be waving goodbye to the old open data catalogue on Please update your open data bookmarks and links. Read on to learn more about how to do this.

Dataset Readiness Criteria

The Open Data team has developed a list of six criteria to assess how close to ready a dataset is for automation and optimization. We are working with data stewards across the City to ensure that our data provides value.

The Open Data Update

The Toronto Open Data team is excited to share our newest release: the Open Data Update! Subscribe now and receive monthly updates on new open data releases, upcoming events, and more.

Civic Issues Initiative

In this four-part series, we introduce our readers to the Civic Issues campaign. This campaign highlights some of the most important socio-political issues impacting Toronto residents, including hot-button items like housing affordability and poverty reduction.

Data Quality Checklist

Creating the perfect dataset isn’t an exact science, but there are steps you can take to ensure that your dataset is optimized for your users. This is a beginner’s guide to cleaning your data in a spreadsheet program.

Migrate, Automate, Optimize: An easier, faster and more efficient way forward

Open data has taken significant strides forward thanks to the efforts of City staff and agencies. Now, we want to […]

2018 in Review

2018 was an exciting year for Toronto Open Data. From a drastic redesign of our open data portal, to countless community engagements… read about our accomplishments and where we’re headed next.