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Powering open data with civic issues

In a city run by data (petabytes of it!), how do dataset requests get prioritized? Reham Youssef from the open data team discusses exciting changes coming soon to the way open data releases are prioritized, inspired by important civic issues.

Strategies for working with new data

We’re excited to present our first community story by Sharla Gelfand, which looks at how to start working with open data in R.

Measuring Walking Times Across Toronto to Nearest TTC Stop

In this tutorial, we analyze walk times from every address point within the City of Toronto limits to the closest Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Stops. TTC stops can include subway, LRT, street car and bus. The analysis uses Pandana to perform the network distance calculations on a new open data set called the “Pedestrian Network” that our team created in conjunction with Transportation Services to better understand walkable access to various amenities across Toronto.

Towards Location Intelligence

Do you geo? Interested in location data and location intelligence? The City of Toronto’s Open Data team partnered with BergWerkGIS to update the QGIS CKAN Browser plugin, allowing GIS users to access open data directly within QGIS, the leading open source desktop GIS.

Civic Issues Initiative

In this four-part series, we introduce our readers to the Civic Issues campaign. This campaign highlights some of the most important socio-political issues impacting Toronto residents, including hot-button items like housing affordability and poverty reduction.

Exploring Bike Share Ridership

The weather is finally warming up and Torontonians are venturing outside to catch some sun. One thing is for certain: we love our bikes, and we’ll ride them everywhere. The Open Data team’s own Yizhao Tan decided to work with the open data provided by the City to better understand how Torontonians use bike share. Learn more about how Yizhao uses data visualization and analysis libraries, as well as data cleaning tools, to demonstrate how to turn cycling open data into insights.