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Accessing open data with Google Sheets

Google Drive’s suite of free document editing tools provide a means for educators and students to work more seamlessly together, with one lacking area: data access. That’s why we partnered with a local developer to create the the CKAN Google Sheets add-on. 

Towards Location Intelligence

Do you geo? Interested in location data and location intelligence? The City of Toronto’s Open Data team partnered with BergWerkGIS to update the QGIS CKAN Browser plugin, allowing GIS users to access open data directly within QGIS, the leading open source desktop GIS.

Towards Data Analytics: Data literacy in R

Data is everywhere, and is a critical component in every faction of work. Understanding data is essential for evidence based decision making. Within most organizations Excel is King, the application that is used to collect, share, manipulate, analyze, and communicate information from data.

Prioritizing Open Data

The prioritization framework is a set of processes and tools developed by the Open Data team to help prioritize dataset releases. This framework includes expected value scores and weighting methodology, and will be shared with the public for enhanced visibility into planned open data releases.