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Measuring Sound from the Bedroom Window

In this captivating blog post, Ingrid, a local resident, shares her personal journey of uncovering the impact of noise pollution on her life and her quest to better understand and quantify its effects.

Towards a Data Quality Score in open data (Part 2)

In my first story on Open Data Toronto’s Data Quality Score (DQS), I shared why data quality matters to us and what the DQS is at a high-level; in this story, I walk through the steps of exactly how we created it so it is more detailed and a little more technical. Read on if that’s your jam.

Towards a Data Quality Score in Open Data

Traditionally, Open Data Toronto program performance has been tied to the number of datasets in the catalogue. Today, however, catalogue size is less relevant primarily because it fails to measure progress towards the program’s vision of enabling anyone, anywhere, to improve life in Toronto with open data. To solve this issue, we created a score to assess data quality and what it measures.

Analyzing Lobbyist Data

The Office of the Lobbyist Registrar ensures the public disclosure of lobbying activities and oversees the regulation of lobbyists’ conduct. The City of Toronto publishes this data through the Lobbyist Registry Disclosure Site and through the Open Data Portal.