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The City of Toronto’s Open Data Portal is an open source delivery tool to bring people and data together. Whether you’re an app developer, an engaged citizen, or a student trying to learn more about how the city works, the Open Data Portal contains a wealth of datasets for you to explore. We update regularly with new datasets, and welcome your requests.

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Towards a Data Quality Score in open data (Part 2)

In my first story on Open Data Toronto’s Data Quality Score (DQS), I shared why data quality matters to us and what the DQS is at a high-level; in this story, I walk through the steps of exactly how we created it so it is more detailed and a little more technical. Read on if that’s your jam.

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Top Open Data Moments in 2019

2019 was a riveting year for open data in Toronto. From hosting community events to fulfilling what was promised in the Open Data Master Plan, join us on a journey through the last twelve months.

Accessing open data with Google Sheets

Google Drive’s suite of free document editing tools provide a means for educators and students to work more seamlessly together, with one lacking area: data access. That’s why we partnered with a local developer to create the the CKAN Google Sheets add-on. 

Analyzing results from the civic issues campaign survey

Background: What is the civic issue campaign? In 2019, the Open Data team launched a campaign in order to help […]