FAQ – Project resources

In January 2018, the Open Data team created a council-endorsed Open Data Master Plan & 4 Year Roadmap. This plan, co-developed with the community, includes 4 themes and 12 actions identified to help Open Data mature as a program, while meeting the growing demands for greater quantity and quality datasets. The team received 2.8 million in capital funding to implement the plan. To review all Council decisions and progress made leading up to the development and adoption of the Open Data Master Plan and Roadmap, please see EX30.12 – Toronto’s Open Data Master Plan.

The Open Data Master Plan has one action focusing exclusively on the prioritization of data releases. We launched a questionnaire asking the public what data they want in order to prevent, mitigate and address issues like the City’s five main priorities: Affordable Housing, Fiscal Responsibility, Mobility, Poverty Reduction and Climate Change. To help prioritize the release of high-quality, in-demand data linked to the City’s five key priority areas, we received responses on how the data will be used and how it aligns to the City’s focus areas. The result is of this campaign will be shared on the portal soon.

The General Government and Licensing Committee has authorized the Information and Technology Division to publish all historical and current data embedded in documents, reports, or any digital artifacts that are available publicly on the City of Toronto’s digital infrastructure to be made available on the City’s Open Data portal. Read about Motion GL8.22 here.

The prioritization framework is a method of prioritizing dataset releases that considers a unique weighting methodology for determining planned open dataset releases. To learn more about the framework, read Towards a Priority Framework for Open Data.